Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm Married

Well it'll be a month since i've gotten married. That day was awesome! I've heard from many many people that you'll be so busy that you wont know everything and you'll forget all the bad things that have happened etc. Well i remember ALL the bad things =\ Well the one thing that is the most vivid in my mind is what one of my bridesmaids did. She bitched thru the whole morning we were getting hair and makeup done. Then she didnt feel like getting her makeup done with us so she went home and ate and did her own. We all met at the church then she complained b/c we were eating and we were early and why does she have to sit here blah blah blah. So after we were starting to get dressed and the ceremony happened we went to go get all of our stuff we left in the room. She started putting her jeans on and her boots and her coat. We all looked at her like umm what do you think you're doing? Then she looked at us and was like well i have to go take my truck home b/c my husband doesnt want me leaving my truck here at the church b/c he thinks someone will break into it. So she wasn't with us until 5 mins before we walked into the reception. I was pissed since we already took a lot of pictures. She was mad who her husband was sitting with and was mad b/c he couldnt come sit at the head table with her. Umm hello its the HEAD TABLE and you're at a flippen WEDDING! I dont understand what ppl dont get about that b/c there was another one like that too...ill explain that in a lil. Well after her little tantrume we sat down started eating the soup and salad, then then toasts were said...She just disappeared. Her husband also disappeared. One of my other bridesmaids went looking for her and then grabbed her phone out of her husbands pocket and saw a text from her saying, "Tell her i'm sorry but i didnt want to cause a scene." And that was it. WTF?! She has yet to call me, text me, or email me saying why and that she was sorry. So much for a friend huh? Now for the other one complaining....its one of the groomsmen's girlfriends. Nobody out of our friend group can stand her and we dont understand what he sees in her. But anyways...she was mad b/c it was valentines day and she couldnt sit with him at the head table. Then she got pissed and called one of my bridesmaids a fugly prego fat bitch. Okay that was ssooo unneccessary! Then for the bouquet toss my maid of honor had it in her had and started to walk away and that b***h ripped it out of her hands saying she caught it and she was next. EVERYONE and when i say everyone i mean EVERYONE all looked at her in shock with their mouths wide open like OMG she just DID NOT just do that. And that was pretty much the worst at the wedding.

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