Friday, August 19, 2011

Moving Along...

Last night I filled out my Pre-Registration for the hospital and mailed it out today! I'm excited and nervous. A couple weeks ago we also registered for the birthing classes. I hope those will be worth the money since they were expensive. I've been reading mixed emotions on all of these birthing classes so i'm a little hesitant.

Up next:
Registering at Babies R Us and Target for all of the adorable baby things.
Working more on the nursery!! =) I'm super excited for this one lol. Tomorrow we are having one of the windows measured for a new one that we are using our insurance money for (from the huge storm we had). And we are hopefully buying paint this weekend so we can get painting before adding new carpeting.

Sydney is kicking a lot more today than she has, i feel like her personal punching bag lol.

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